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-Pet Center DAYCARE!


Welcome to DOGGIE DAYCARE!  Offering dogs a chance to play with other four legged friends while you are at work, or as an added treat on their vacation, daycare is a great chance for your pup to burn off steam and get some socialization with other dogs and our caring staff members!















Daycare - Single Dog

Rate Per Day

Full Day Daycare


Half Day Daycare


Daycare - Multiple Dogs

Rate Per Day Per Dog

Full Day Daycare


Half Day Daycare



Pre-Pay Packages - The BEST Deal

Rate Per Day

5 Sessions - Full Day Daycare


10 Sessions - Full Day Daycare


20 Sessions - Full Day Daycare


5 Sessions - Half Day Daycare


10 Sessions - Half Day Daycare


20 Sessions - Half Day Daycare



All Daycare Dogs MUST:   **(No Exceptions!)**


***Be spayed and neutered if over 6 months of age

***Have current Distemper, Bordatella, and Rabies Vaccines

      (No waivers will be issued, this means no puppies with incomplete series!)

***Read and Sign an Extra Waiver

To speed up the check-in process for you on your first visit, print off and complete the below forms and bring them with you.

Dog Enrollment Form.- 2018


Daycare Video.wmv
The Dog House - 2230 W. Nordale Dr. Appleton WI(920) 832-1001