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Meet our Staff!

Meet our Staff

(Also Known As:  Your Pet's Helpful Servants)

The Alpha Dogs:

Scott has owned the Dog House for over 35 years and Nancy has Managed the organization for more years than she is old.  These two, along with their 3 poodles (Luci, Houston, and Stella) keep The Dog House running as THE place for your pets.

Leader of the Pack:

Kristin has been a member of the Dog House team for more years than she cares to admit.  As the store manager, Kristin is often seen working with the animals up front, greeting new customers, and keeping track of the "pack."  Kristin's experience with a wide variety of animals (see her family photo to the right) makes her an excellent resource if you are looking for information about your new family member!

Media Hound:


Rebecca has been a member of the Dog House team creating our marketing (print and online) materials since 2010.  Despite no longer being a wagging tail present in the store, she still makes sure to keep our content fresh and fun (and away from Nancy!)